Saturday, 5 May 2012

Day 2 and 3!

Day 2 and 3

Hello everyone! Today is day 3 in Bangkok and it is still very hot and humid, with only a bit of rain. Sorry about the lack of post yesterday but Mallory and I were completely exhausted after the show we saw. So far our trip has been extremely exciting!!

Day 2: Yesterday we did not have a guide until that evening so Mallory and I decided to go visit the Bangkok zoo. It was very large with lot's of animals, and was located beside the King's palace which was even larger. Most of the zoo exhibits were very well done, like the monkey, snake, cat and giraffe habitats, but we were very sad because the hippos and the elephants did not have much water :(
After the zoo, we took a tuk-tuk back to the hotel, and chilled by the pool in the afternoon. At 5pm, we met our tour guide and he took us to see Bangkok's most popular cultural show, Siam Niramit, which included a very large buffet :) This show depicts the journey of Siam, and the culture of Thai people. It was amazing: the stage was enormous, the special effects were very entertaining, and there were over 500 different costumes! The stage actually had a river flowing across the front, AND there were elephants involved. Sorry but there are no actual pictures of the show because cameras were not allowed. After the show we went back to the hotel and straight to bed.
Day 3: Today we woke up early and went to the Chatuchak Weekend Market, the largest market in the world. We were told in order to see the whole market we would have to spend the entire day, but we only ended up staying just over an hour. It was very overwhelming, not to mention boiling hot. I bought a pair of purple pants :) We also walked around the nearby park. To get there and back, we took the subway. There subway system is very efficient. You pay different amounts depending on how far you are going, and after you pay you get a token which you give back when you leave the subway. When we got back from the market we had lunch, and now we are chilling in our room. Tonight we get to meet our group, we can't wait!

A note about traffic in Bangkok: absolute mayhem! But somehow this mayhem seems to work for them because traffic still moves (although always busy) and I haven't seen any accidents yet. First of all, the streets are occupied by as many motorbikes and tuk-tuks as cars. Apparently there are no real laws about driving (other than stopping at red lights), and the motorbikes are constantly weaving in and out of the lanes. I don't know why they have lines on the road because everyone seems to make their own lanes. On the highway, it's even busier, and a highway with 3 lanes becomes 4-lanes during heavy traffic because people drive on the shoulder. It's absolutely crazy and very nerve wrecking.

So here are the pictures from the last 2 days. They are a bit out of order though. Just remember: the zoo and Siam Niramit were yesterday, while the market and park happened today. Well that's all for now, hopefully I will post tomorrow.


  1. Great pictures! The captions are coming through now.

  2. Wonderful stuff Nadine and Mel! The pics are beacutiful, and hopefully the northern trip helps you stay "cooler".
    The blog is amazing!

  3. Nice posts! It's like I'm right there with you ;)