Saturday, 12 May 2012

Day 8/9/10

Hello everyone. Sorry for not posting yesterday but the free internet at our hotel in Chiang Mai was not working. So here is my recap of the last few days.

Day 8: We got back from our trek at around 3pm and had free time until 7:30pm. At 7:30 we took a truck to the night market and had dinner. After dinner we saw several matches of Thai Boxing (muy thai), which is the national sport of Thailand. There is a lot of kicking in this type of boxing, at first I didn't really enjoy it but by the end of the evening it got better. We saw both women and men matches. And the best part was a match with four guys instead of two, and all of them were blindfolded. It was hilarious! After that we went to a local bar for a few hours then headed back to the hotel.

Day 9 (still in Chiang Mai): Yesterday we did a cooking class in Chiang Mai. It was really awesome! We made 4 different types of dishes, and went to the market before hand. Mal made hot and sour soup, pad thai, spring rolls and curry. I made coconut milk soup, chicken with cashews, spring rolls and curry. Everything was so good. And we got a thai cook book with dozens of recipes. A very good deal in my opinion. After the class we were dropped off at our hotel and relaxed until it was time to board our sleeper train. We then took the train overnight to Bangkok.

Day 10: We arrived in Bangkok in the morning. We had time for a swim before lunch. Then we got foot massages :) It was wonderful. Now I am writing this post.

Sorry about the small amount of pictures. I didn't bring my camera to the boxing matches unfortunately. But I will take many pictures when we leave tomorrow for the south of Thailand.
So a quick update before I sign out: We are starting our southern tour today, so half way done our lovely adventures.

Well that's all for now.

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  1. Yay boxing! Did you see a kangaroo fight a man?