Friday, 18 May 2012

Koh Samui and Koh Tao

Hello from Koh Tao, an absolutely beautiful island off the east coast Thailand.  We've been here for the last two days, it's very relaxing and sunny.  We both like Koh Tao much more than Koh Samui, it's much nicer and cheaper for some reason.  So anyways here is a summary of the last couple days of our trip.

Koh Samui:  So we arrive here several days ago, but I think I already blogged about our arrival.  The next day we set off on an adventure to the Angthon national marine park, which is absolutely beautiful.  There we visited the islands, kayaked and snorkelled (although the snorkeling was very dissappointing).  We couldn't see anything except rocks and eels... gross!!  But the views were wonderful, especially from the top of the view point, which only I and two others on our tour were brave enough to climb.  It honestly was 500 m straight up on pure rock, you had to use a rope to pull yourself up for most of it.  But the climb down was probably worst.
After that we took the boat back to koh samui.  At night, we went to arc bar for dinner, which was dinner on the beach (very nice).  Then we went to another lady boy show (for the new people) and after to the green mango to go dancing.  We had a lot of fun.
koh samui

The next day we took a speed boat to koh tao, a much nicer island.  We arrived in the afternoon and chilled by the beach.  The next day, some of us set off on a snorkeling tour of the island.  This snorkeling was absolutely beautiful.  We saw alot of fish, no sharks though.  I did see these small sucker fish we ended up trying to attach to me, which completely freaked my out.  Luckily, the sucker fish were only at the first snorkeling site and we never saw them again.  I do have some pictures of the tour, but for some reason I couldn't upload my koh tao pictures so you will all just have to wait for those.

Well that's all for now.  Tonight we leave on the sleeper train back to bangkok, where our tour will come to an end :(  We will be home on tuesday, and although we are sad to see our trip end, we are also glad to go home.  Not sure if I will be posting anymore pictures after this, we'll see.


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